Tech Support for Startups

AskMaria IT services for startups are perfect for growing businesses. Why? Startups are constantly on the chase for the new opportunities, striving to find their spot in the market. Growth over revenue is the mantra and we understand how fundamental it is to take good care of the product you are developing. Why not let us take care of it for you? Being business people ourselves, we understand that keeping the expenses as low as possible is key along with healthy product-investment in order to enable its realization and verification on the market. So, to take the pressure off your shoulders, we’ll provide you the right customized IT services for startups while you focus on your product development.

AskMaria offers tech support for startups in optimizing your internet operations, managing the networking infrastructure and developing plans for your company’s further technical directions. We’ll also inspect and manage your application-targeted environments while the Startup focuses on the product. We don’t distinguish between Amazon, Digital Ocean, Bare Metal or some Data Center around the world; we work globally, and we’ve got awesome coverage. This is one of the huge benefits of our IT services for startups.

If you get the AskMaria Startup Package, what exactly will we be doing for you? Well, a little bit of everything – from the point-blank work to some quality behind-the-scenes action:

Point-blank work:

Design & Plan

Sysadmins and Devops to help you design and chose the correct vendor for your platform.

Installation & Configuration

Installation and configuration of your environment. You take care of your business, we take care of your servers.

Sysadmins and DevOps, Immediately

Contact us directly on Slack, Facebook or any other channel.
We take care of your infrastructure.


Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration testing. Network Security Design & Deploy.

Tuning & TroubleShooting

Troubleshooting and Tuning on all your systems and appliances.

NOC Outsourcing

H24 monitoring and proactive management, at server, application and performance level.

Data Migration

Need to migrate your server or your data?
We do plan it, we do it and in the meantime, you chill.

Server Migration

From Physical to virtual, virtual to virtual and physical to virtual.
Migrate your whole solution to a new provider has never been easier.

Multi vendor

From Amazon AWS to Windows Azure and Google Cloud. We work with over 50 Cloud and DataCenter Providers.

Server Administration

  • Operative system installation, configuration and complete setup
  • Management of the software system
  • Server hardening through a process of checking and securing a host
  • Security installation and configuration
  • Performance Tuning to improve your system performance by code optimization, configuration and analysis
  • Data Migration between data storage systems, data formats or computer systems


  • Proactive Monitoring to understand how applications are performing, along with identifying potential areas of risk
  • Application Level monitoring to measure and evaluate the performance of an application and provide to isolate and rectify any abnormalities or shortcomings.
  • Server level monitoring to manage, support and strengthen the server performance